Dutch celebration: Koningsdag
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Dutch celebration: Koningsdag

One of the holidays the Netherlands is best known for is Koningsdag (King’s Day), when we celebrate our King’s birthday. This national holiday takes place on the 27 April.

By Irene Rooks, primary Dutch teacher

Various activities, such as flea markets and concerts will be organised throughout the country. If you want to catch a glimpse of the Royal family this year, they will visit Amersfoort. Their visit will be covered life on television too.

De Pasapas – parents welcome!

In our school Koningsdag will be celebrated on Thursday 18 April, the last day of school before the May Break. Just like every year, students and teachers will be singing along with and dancing to a special Koningsdag song: de Pasapas. Parents of primary students are very welcome to watch the children perform the special Koningsdag song and dance on Thursday 18 April at 14:15 at the playground.

We have been practicing the song during our Dutch lessons and it’s lovely to see that we are already great dancers and singers! The children are so enthusiastic that they even practice at home.

The Dutch royal family

In primary we have also been learning about the tradition of Koningsdag. We have gotten to know the Dutch royal family. And your child should be able to explain why Dutch people like to wear orange clothes for Koningsdag (and when they support the national football team!).

King’s day games

On Thursday 18 April there will be various physical activities for the primary students on the playgrounds, in the gym or at Park Transwijk.  These games will include typical Dutch games like a sack race, ‘spijkerpoepen’ and can throwing. It’s going to be a sportive and fun day!