DP Art Exhibition
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DP Art Exhibition

The Diploma Programme Art Exhibition for me is always one of the highlights of the year! It is lovely to see the journey the students have been on and to talk to about their artwork.

By Ingrid Schmoutziguer, communications

The DP Art Exhibition is the culmination of two years of exploring, creating, falling, getting up again and finding your voice. Starting in grade 11, the DP Visual Arts exam candidates work for twee years towards the exhibition, in which they can finally share their vision with the community.

This year’s exam candidates: Aris, Jojanneke, Maria and Gilad were proud to welcome their parents, friends and classmates on Tuesday 19 March at “Frisse Blikken” at De Pionier. The grade 11 students were also showing their work; for those students it was important to experience the process before having to host their own exhibition next spring.