World Languages in English Language Acquisition
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World Languages in English Language Acquisition

This term, our MYP Language Acquisition English students (grades 6-8) are working on a “World Languages” unit. Besides inquiring into English, Spanish and Mandarin, students will also study the origins of their own mother- tongue languages.

By Tommas Houterman, secondary teacher English Language Acquisition

Throughout the course of their research, inquiry and investigation, students will explore the connections between languages and communities around the world.   

All the students will present their learning and understanding of their mother tongue to their peers, before we move on to inquire into:  

We are lucky enough to have a guest teacher in class for the next few months too. Ms Andrea Romero (native Spanish teacher) will be assisting the students in their journey of exploring world languages and the differences in the English language around the world. 

We will end the unit with a class debate on which of the last three ‘languages’ – Esperanto, Sign or Emoji language – would be most suitable as a new world language.