Who lives, Who dies, Who tells your story
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Who lives, Who dies, Who tells your story

The musical theatre production Who lives, Who dies, Who tells your story will be performed in Zimihc theatre Zuilen on Tue 12, Wed 13 and Thu 14 March.

By Erick Aufderheyde, secondary drama teacher. Pictures by Lucy (grade 7)

Original scenes, authentic texts and contemporary songs form this theatrical adaptation that focuses on the political world at the end of the 18th century in New York. It is a musical theatre collage, where students from the school sing, dance and act out a tale around an almost forgotten yet influential founding father of the USA: Alexander Hamilton. Please watch this clip of the students rehearsing!

New York

The United States struggled to be a united country after declaring independence from Great Britain. Personal struggles, private ambitions and divided opinions are everyday headlines in New York State, where the action takes place. The play is set around the upcoming presidency of Thomas Jefferson, which serves as a mirror for the current status quo in one of the most influential and controversial countries in the world.

Under the direction of music teacher David de Geus and drama teacher Erick Aufderheyde, the students have worked really hard for over a year to put this theatrical production together. They are eager and proud to share the result with you.


Music is played by the Jeffersons, our own ISUtrecht band under the leadership of music teacher Juan Osorio. Responsible for the choreography is grade 1 classroom teacher Anne Brandwagt and the script was written by Erick Aufderheyde.

Next to their busy schedules in school, more than 36 students have worked hard on stage and behind the scenes. We would all like to invite you to come to one of our three performances to celebrate our creativity and community.


Tickets cost €5, 00 for students and €10,00 for adults. You can buy them (cash only!) at:

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