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As you will probably have noticed already, Dutch people love their ‘fiets’ (bicycle) and use it to commute to work, go grocery shopping, transport their children to and from school and go to the theatre. Chances are that during your time in the Netherlands you will at least spot one newly-wed couple cycling into the sunset in their wedding fineries.

By the ISUtrecht GoByBike team

The GoByBike Team:

  • Virginie Delporte (parent, Belgian) – Virginie moved from Uppsala to Utrecht with her Swedish husband and two children in August 2017. Virginie takes her children to school on a bicycle and doesn’t mind cycling in winter at all, as ‘compared to Sweden, the Netherlands don’t really have a winter’.
  • José Sluijs-Doyle (parent, Dutch) – moved with her British-Irish husband and two children to Utrecht from England in August 2017. She finds the Dutch cycling culture one of the best things of living in the Netherlands again José, a fan of waterproof trousers, struggles to convince her children to wear them.
  • Gustavo Vieira (parent Canadian) – Gustavo moved to Utrecht with his wife and twin boys from Toronto in August 2017. After taking his kids to school in a ‘bakfiets’ (carrier tricycle) for a year, he recently taught them to ride their own bikes.
  • Ingrid Schmoutziguer (staff, Dutch) – Ingrid moved back to the Netherlands in 2013 after living abroad (in the UK, Italy andSwitzerland) with her family for 9 years. Ingrid commutes to school by bike, train and bike and regularly uses her bicycle to go grocery shopping. She draws the line at stocking up on toilet paper though

Everything you always wanted to know about cycling and more!

One of the first things the team decided to do was make a  GoByBike booklet providing you with a wealth of information about traffic rules for cyclists, bike parks, the ‘OV-fiets’, cycling with children, purchasing or renting a bike, finding a quiet route and lots more! Please take a look and don’t hesitate to contact us, if you would like to add some information!

We also collaborated with de Fietsmeesters, an organisation funded by the municipality of Utrecht who runs bake-safety courses in schools. De Fietsmeesters visited the ISUtrecht just before the Winter Break and led a bike-safety workshop for the grades 5-7.

Learning how to ride a bike

De Fietsmeester also offer practical courses, teaching adults how to properly ride a bike and navigate traffic on a bike. They offer these courses at 12 locations across Utrecht and provide participants with a free practice bikes they can use during the lessons.