ISUtrecht meets FÄIS
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ISUtrecht meets FÄIS

It was an exciting Thursday for our secondary students as they were treated to a mini concert by Dutch singer-songwriter Fäis. The students in grade 10 were also invited to a very special masterclass in which Fäis talked about his passion for music and the importance of being yourself. (You can find a short film about Fäis’ visit on YouTube)

By Ingrid Schmoutziguer, communications advisor

‘You can ask me anything’, Fäis told the assembled students. ‘But let me start by telling you how I got interested in music.’ Followed by a very funny tale about how he got kicked out of his very first music lesson, but eventually had to sing a solo in front of the class and receiving a really good grade. ‘That was the moment he thought: ‘This could actually be fun.’

Fäis’ music career took off in 2016 when he released the single Hey featuring his friend Afrojack. This single was followed by Used to have it all (again in collaboration with Afrojack) and Know you better.

When asked about his big break, Fäis tells the students that although it is great when a large number of people listens to your music, for him ‘being able to sing an play the piano, was the real achievement. He tells the grade 10’s not to be to hang up on (other people’s) expectations. ‘If you set out to compose a hit single, you will put way to much pressure on yourself’, says Fäis. ‘Remember it is about your individuality, what you have to say to the world; not about what you think other people want to hear.’

The visit was an initiative of BUMA Music Academy, an institute that promotes modern and inspirational music education in secondary schools. Besides the ISUtrecht Fäis will also visit four other Dutch secondary schools in Nijmegen, The Hague, Zwolle and Eindhoven.

After his masterclass Fäis treats the whole of secondary to a special mini concert, singing three of his songs. Songs, that most of our students seemed to know word for word.

To get an impression of Fäis’ visit to the ISUtrecht, please watch this film on YouTube.