Grade 7 had a blast at Jump-IN and Climb-IN Utrecht
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Grade 7 had a blast at Jump-IN and Climb-IN Utrecht

On Tuesday 18 December the grade 7s went to Play-IN Utrecht at The Wall for some trampolining and climbing. We had a great morning filled with rope walking, wall jumping and some scary, but fun sliding.

By Jeroen de Haas, secondary science teacher and mentor of 7 M

In the morning the students could choose whether they traveled to The Wall alone, or come to school first so they could cycle or take the bus together with the mentors and other students. When we arrived  at Play-IN, everyone got really exited and starting jumping and running around waiting for the doors to open. Once we were in, the students were split into two groups: 7 M went to jump-IN, put on their anti-slip socks and were off, while 7 Y had to put on their safety harnesses before they could start climbing at Climb-IN.

Foam sticks

In the trampoline hall there were lots of fun activities to do, such as rope balancing, a dodgeball game, wall jumping or fighting with foam sticks on a balance beam. There was also a jumping platform with soft cushions underneath and lots of students jumped down, which was very exciting and fun.

Lots of students showed off their amazing skills by doing backflips, side aerials and summersaults.  We enjoyed a lot of exciting fights on the balancing beam and loved to fall into the foam pit, which was actually surprisingly hard to get out off!

Vertical Drop

The climbing was great fun too. Before we could start the instructor made sure we put our safety straps on the right way and had tightened it properly. The climbing hall has lots of different levels and options, so all the students could find a good place to start. After everyone got the hang of it, they could do some races to the top, which was great fun. The cherry on the cake for some students was the vertical drop slide, a really intense slide where you were lifted in a strap and when you decided to let go, you would slide down very fast. It was scary but also very exciting.

It is safe to say we had a great mentor trip!