Truly Beautiful Terschelling
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Truly Beautiful Terschelling

The grade 6’s are away on a -get up close and personal with nature – fun filled week on truly beautiful Terschelling. They will try to keep you up to date with all that goes on via a daily blog post and lots of pictures.

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We started our journey on the 8th of October, 2018. We began with a two hour bus ride and arrived at the harbour. We then waited for forty five minutes on the port for the boat. We had a one and a half hour boat trip. Soon we reached Terschelling and collected our luggage and bikes. We transported our luggage by a wagon and cycled to the StayOkay hostel. We settled in our rooms and did the GPS bike tour.

Our first impressions are:

“Despite the journey being long, the views are stunning” and “We saw a bunny!” -Jill and Ruben
“Decent” -Sushi, Kaustubh and Jonathon
“Fun”- Caterina
“Beautiful” – Mahi
“Who would not like to be here?” –  Ms. Menendez

We are enjoying cooking our dinner; we are having a vegetarian and Halal barbecue and we enjoy playing outside. We are very much looking forward to the bonfire on the beach tonight!

Love from Terschelling.

Day 2 – Beach clean up, volleyball tournament and a trip to the swimming pool

Today was a very exciting and muddy day. We call this day messy, because we did the beach cleanup in which we had to pick up things made of plastic, steel, and glass with our bare hands and we had a low tide excursion where we learnt about what lives in the shallow waters around Terschelling. In our opinion it was very factual, wet and fun. We got very messy in the process as we had to walk on wet sand and deep puddles in our shoes which got on people’s nerves a bit as we had to wash our shoes and manage them ourselves! It was also pretty cold.

Apart from that, we had a volleyball tournament and if you didn’t know how to play volleyball, you could choose another sport like badminton or football etc. Most of the people liked this but some were annoyed because of the wind. Now, we are going to the swimming pool, which we are very excited about. But sometimes cycling is confusing as some people are slow and some are fast which causes us to stop in the middle sometimes. In a nutshell, it was messy, fun, exhilarating, and cold.

Blog Day 3

Today was an exhilarating and an entirely breath taking day. We did power kiting today. The winds were so strong that we soon realized that we had put on more weight in order to not fly away! We also had fun sitting in the dunes and standing in water. We had our lunches that we packed before hand during breakfast. After having our lunch, we had to cycle all the way another place where we had to build rafts.

Half of the students had to build the rafts first and the other could play games like volley ball and archery. We did have obstacles coming our way when we were building our rafts but some of ours did come out well when we tested it in water. We also did archery which was pretty difficult maybe because some of us got up on the wrong side of the bed! After that experience, we came back to the hostel. We did have a meal fit for a king to be honest. We had free time to either play games or prepare for the “Bonte Avond” tomorrow. Well, that’s it for the day. I hope tomorrow will be as good as today!

Blog Day 4

This morning we woke up from the noise of the alarm but somehow we managed to get out of bed and get dressed. It took a while, and we were almost late for breakfast. Today we had the usual; eggs, biscuits, bread, etc.

After breakfast, we got on our bikes and cycled to the dock. It took approximately 5 minutes to cycle there. We had to wait a while to depart, but eventually we were able to board the boat and take a seat. When we were close to the seal the boat owners told us to stay very quiet. Everyone had to take a look at the seals, especially the baby seals.

Next we came to the hostel and had our lunch and we also had free time, in which some people played in the pingpong table, played card games or were preparing for Bonte Avond. Later we did the hexathon. Hexathon  is where we have different activities and you compete to have the most points on their belt win.

See you tomorrow!