Pictures from Paris
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Pictures from Paris

The grade 10’s are spending a week looking at, listening to and making art and music. We will keep you up to date with their adventures by posting (lots of) pictures from Paris.

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Quote of the day while the students were visiting Les Frigos – Teacher:’All who would like to see Jean Paul’s art studio, please follow me’. Student: ‘Wait, is this Jean Paul Gaultier?’

Day 2 in quotes

Student in the foyer of the opera: ’27 minutes to wait and there is no WIFI here!!!’.

Student after a confusing, greasy dinner at O’tacos: ‘I’m not sure what that was, but it wasn’t a taco’.

Bus driver: ‘I love animals, but Paris pigeons are weird creatures!’.

Some girls are braiding each other’s hair. Adrian says he can do this too and pretends to demonstrate his skills on Mr E, rubbing his skull: ‘So you give him a little massage, then you take two strands of hair and go like this. Most importantly, you have to always keep touching it, rubbing it; making wishes’.

Day 3 and 4 in quotes

It’s Marco’s birthday and we prepared some presents. Ms Keersmaekers made him a T-shirt. Marco’s reponse: ‘Oh miss, I would hug you, but we’re on a bus’.

And this one – such a great example of teenage boys’ life. Student: ‘Oh look guys, you know how I couldn’t find my sock all morning? I found it; it’s inside my pants!’.