Making memories: Maastricht!
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Making memories: Maastricht!

The grade 8’s are exploring Maastricht, an elegant city in the south of the Netherlands, making great memories along the way. In this blog post we will try and keep you up to date with all their adventures, by posting (lots of) pictures and the odd ‘quote of the day’.

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Quote of the day after Ms Galemmo told the students about the history of the oldest bridge in the Netherlands. Student: ‘How do you know Ms Galemmo, did you help build it?’

Day 2 – Visiting the caves and scavenger hunt

Quote of the day

As Ms Galemmo tries a 17 point turn on Akshara’s┬ámobility scooter: ‘Miss, can you even drive a car?’

Day 3 and 4- Rodeling, Valkenburg, living table football and Zoo

Quote: A studenten commented on some girls asking where the stomping hallway elephant was: ‘It isn’t me, look, I’m wearing fuzzy socks!’.