Heino is the best!
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Heino is the best!

The grade  9’s are off on an action packed, fast paced, adventure filled week in Heino. They will try and keep you up to date with all that goes on by posting (lots of) pictures and the odd ‘quote of the day’.

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During the first day the students not only went on a GPS Tour, but they also played football and did some fun team challenges. They really enjoyed it:

‘My favourite moment of the day was the team challenges. The race relays were a lot of fun.’ – Clara

‘I loved the GPS drop. The view as we walked through the countryside was so pretty.’ – Catalina

‘Playing football against the boys was fun because the girls won.’ – Molly

‘I enjoyed the bus sing-along – belting out YMCA and Mama Mia with my classmates’ – Emma J.

Day 2 – climbing, canoeing and sightseeing

Day 3 and 4 – Zwolle, fun fair, laser gaming and pizza!


‘Zwolle is really cute and quaint. The city has very nice architecture. It is lovely to walk around in’ – Molly

‘One of our favourite group challenges was ‘ruilspel’. We started with 1 sticker and talked to people in order to trade that sticker for an item of greater value. This continued for as long as possible. We ended up with a really cute phone case’ – Tara B.

‘We had to make a love poem including as many z’s as possible. Our favourite line was: “My love for you is a maze as long as Repunzal’s hair” – Liv and Catalina