Colour Run for CAS – Raising money for UNICEF
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Colour Run for CAS – Raising money for UNICEF

Wilma (grade 12) single-handedly organised ISUtrecht’s first even colour run. On Thursday 18 October around 50 secondary students and staff ran two or three loops around the school while being bombarded with colour powder.

By Ingrid Schmoutziguer, communications

‘I bought the colour powder the Indian community uses to celebrate Holi’, says Wilma. ‘It should come off easily’. She has spent most of the afternoon marking the route by putting big arrows on the pavement along her route and directing a small crowd of helpers to the right spots. Some of those helpers were stationed along the route with big bags of colour powder, while others had the specific task to help runners safely cross the Van Bijnkershoeklaan, or making sure the runners followed the correct route.


Wilma used her Creativity, Activity and Service hours to organise the run and did a great job during the CAS and Service as Action fair a couple of weeks ago, to get lots of secondary students to sign up. To sign up you had to pay 5 euros. Wilma: ‘I managed to raise 230 euros for UNICEF, which I am really pleased about’.

I think it is safe to say that all participants had a great time!