The camp was amazing! – by Sneha, Simona, Margo and Mohana
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The camp was amazing! – by Sneha, Simona, Margo and Mohana

A little over a week ago, all three grade 5 classes went on an overnight trip. They stayed at Tipikamp in Ossendrecht. Since coming back the students reflected on their experiences. Four students from 5 White took it took it upon themselves to share their camp adventures with the school community.

By Sneha, Simona, Margo and Mohana

The camp was amazing!! On the first day as soon as we reached Ossendrecht we got put into tents according to our choices. Then we ate, explored the playground, had board games and free time and played capture the flag.

The Playground was HUMUNGOUS! The playground had a big, fat bouncy belly, a mini zipline, a hamster wheel and many other things. The hamster wheel was like a washing machine. One of the best quotes about going on it was “Now I know how dirty clothes feel when they’re being washed”.

One of the main attractions was the “haunted treehouse”. Our classmates spread rumours that a killer clown lives in there. At night we had a campfire with marshmallows. We made smores.


The second day was awesome!!We had gone to Klimbos!! The rides were named with colours. We were instructed not to go on the red and black rides. The brown one was the best one. It was fun except the climbing up the ladders. Some people started easy, then going harder, but some other ones started hard, going easier. The staff got our gears ready and told us what we needed to use if we were zip lining or doing something else. We spent about 3-4 hours before we got SUPER thirsty. Almost everyone liked it.

Scavenger hunt

After all the fun we had we went back to the campsite. We had a lot of free time that day and after that we had a scavenger hunt. After that we had a camp reflection. Then we slept. Next day morning we packed up, had some free time and left. It was an amazing experience!!

A HUGE thank you to Ms. Jane, Ms. Sridevi, Ms. Anom ,Mr. Mark ,Mr. Wychman , Mr Juan, Ms. Eryn, Ms. Nicole and Ms. Amy for taking their time on helping us have a good time at Ossendrecht ,Tipicamp.