Awesome Ardennes
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Awesome Ardennes

The grade 7’s are spending an action packed week camping in the awesome Ardennes. They will keep you up to date on all that goes on via written reports and (lots of) pictures!

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Blog day 1

The bus ride:
The bus was 30min delayed. We stopped at a petrol station with restaurant.

Team Building

We made an “A” structure using 4 ropes tied to the top
We built a Davinci bridge. We could only use logs and planks
We made set fire to a rope attached to a bucket; if we burnt the rope down, the other team got wet!
We did sack races.We had to jump in the sacks as a team.
We were balancing on a rope helped by our classmates


We are sleeping safari tents. There are 5 tents (not including teachers) full of students. On the campsite there is a cafeteria and there are 2 dogs that everybody loves (except for a few people).

Marina personally liked that the windows have protection against the bugs!
Nelle personally liked lighting the yarn on fire!
Luce worked out the riddle without any hints or being told. Mr. Nick promised a bag of chips and Luce got it!!!!!!!

Blog day 2

This morning we woke up to a nice, misty landscape, and we all got up. We played a bit of games, and then went to have breakfast all together. After this we got ready for the morning activities: archery and lazer gaming.

The archery was mostly waiting, but it was still interesting when you got to your turn. Lazer gaming was more about surrounding the other team, and then machine gunning them. We did several rounds including around the entire campsite, and we developed different tactics;  how to position of yourself against the opposition.

Home made pizza’s!

After this we had a one-hour break and then we swapped, the people that did lazer gaming now did archery and vice versa. This was the end of the activities. After having a short rest, we baked pizzas on a fire. We did various shapes and sizes and talked, laughed and were joking a lot. After this Angelo, Luce and Lucy had a wrestling fight and Angelo eventually won. End of the day.

Blog day 3 – Climbing

Today morning at 8:00 am we woke up like usual, some took a shower and brushed teeth. Then we headed over to the camp cafeteria for breakfast; like usual we made our breakfast, ate it and made our lunches. Then we had some free time where everyone got themselves organized and packed their bags with water bottles and lunches for the activities planned for the day.


After a while around 11:30 am the bus arrived which brought us to the mountain climbing activities. Later when we arrived the instructor gave us the equipment for climbing and taught us the safety rules for climbing. We had different groups based on what everyone is capable of doing. Then we started to climb, some of the routes are easier than the others and some people went to the Zip-Line which was about 50 meters high. The zip-Line was very fast and exciting which one of the instructor said “if it’s not scary then it’s not fun” which was quite true. After climbing on some of the routes we had our lunch and continued climbing until 5:30 pm. Eventually the bus brought us back to the campsite and we’ve ate our dinner. We are looking forward to building our own raft tomorrow!

Blog day 4

Today the weather was great. We woke up early in the morning 8 AM and it was nearly 17 Celsius in the morning. We had breakfast at 9 AM today. After breakfast the teachers split us into groups for the following activities throughout the day.

Mountain Biking

The activities we had today were mountain biking and raft-building (challenge). The mountain biking started where you could choose from two groups. There was the Fast group or the super-fast group, going slow was not an option. The bike was an all-terrain bike meaning it could go through any type of terrain. They were pretty challenging, but a lot of fun.


The other activity was the raft-building (challenge). Here we had to make a raft with wood and tires that could float in the water. There were two different groups who were competing against each other. We also got rope to tie these together. Then we had to put it in the water and the challenge was that three people had to get on. They had to go to one corner of the triangular shaped lake and they had to switch with them. Then they had to go the last corner and switch with the people there. The last couple of people had to get to the last corner to win.

For dinner we had a barbecue which was very good. We also had fries with that and also salad. We also had a party tonight which was very fun.

Winners of the grade 7 Trip Awards:

Game leader award – Natasha
Crazy monkey award – Luce
Never forget award – Ciccio
Werewolf award – Oriol
Mountain bike award – Nathaniel
Headshot award – Alvaro
Shiny table award – Ivan
Support award – Selena
Bravery award – Nelle and Madi
Yoga award  – Nadine, Noa, Karlijn, Zoe, Candela
Burn baby burn – Lucy and Angelo
Brazilian amazon archery award – Lara and Marina