The grade 5 adventures at Tipikamp
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The grade 5 adventures at Tipikamp

To kick-start their final year in primary, the grade 5 classes, traveled to Noord-Brabant for a 3 day camp. They are staying in Tipikamp Ossendrecht, where – as you can see – they’ll indeed be sleeping in typical cone-shaped tents.

Charlene Anom, Mark Gottschalk, Sridevi Brahmadathan, Jane Durbin (classroom teachers grade 5)  and Wychman Dijkstra (teaching assistant) will keep you up to date  with what’s going on at Tipikamp, by posting lots and lots of pictures. And of course by noting down the “quote of the day”, which today, Wednesday 19 September, comes from Radu, who after playing in the sand asked his teacher: “Does it look like I have mascara running down my face?”.

Day 2 – Klimbos

Last night, the children had a fun time sitting around a camp fire and today – amongst other activites – they visited a ropes course (klimbos). We will post some more pictures tomorrow morning! Another “quote of the day” from last night from Perseus: ‘Washing dishes is fun, I am going to help my mom every night’. Your mum will be really pleased Perseus!



Last pictures, taken on Friday morning – the students will be back this afternoon! Quote of the day this time comes from Polly: ‘It’s like a military operation getting us all back’. And a poignant thought from Kenza: ‘I miss this place already, although we have been here only 2 nights’.