Changing the world through education – Laila’s CAS project
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Changing the world through education – Laila’s CAS project

Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world. These words, by Nelson Mandela had a real impact on Laila (grade 11), who decided to raise money for a foundation who educates girls in North-East India. For her Creativity, Action and Service (CAS) project Laila will sell tulip bulbs to students at the ISUtrecht. All profits will go to a school in Aarunachal Pradesh.

By Laila,  student grade 11

Education matters; it’s essential to build a brighter future and allows us to develop many different necessary skills. In countries like the Netherlands, education is mandatory by law due to its significance and in order to guarantee a stable career for students. However, in regions such as Lumla, situated in North-East India, unfortunately, many girls receive no education whatsoever.

Girls care for siblings, old people and animals

Lumla is a tiny village where poverty is one of the main issues, houses are built of clay and there is no heat or electricity. The amount of smoke released when cooking frequently causes lung disease and blindness. The young girls in this village have to look after their younger siblings and care for the old and sick people as well as the animals. Mostly, only boys are allowed to go to school if there is one nearby. Unfortunately, their lives will never improve if they don’t get a chance to attend school.

Live and study in a safe environment

In 2011 Stichting Tara Bodong started building a school/nunnery for girls in Lumla, Arunachal Pradesh which is an impoverished Himalayan area in North-East India that borders Bhutan and China (Tibet). This school gave 15 girls from Lumla an opportunity to live and study in a safe environment. In the morning they are taught different subjects such as Mathematics and English and in the afternoon they practice housekeeping and gardening. This is a really great start, but there are a lot more girls who would like to go to school!

CAS project

Therefore, for my Creativity Action and Service (CAS) project I have decided to collaborate with Stichting Tara Bodong in order to give more girls in Luma the essential education and housing they need. I will be selling tulip bulbs to both the primary and secondary students. All profits will go directly to Stichting Tara Bodong in North-East India where these girls will finally have a chance to go to school. For these girls, attending school would not only be a chance of an education, but also an escape from poverty. The selling of the bulbs will start at the beginning of October and will come to an end on the 11th of October. My goal is to raise awareness, be able to make a difference and give these girls the education they deserve.

So watch this space!