Terrific Terschelling – Grade 6 on an island adventure
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Terrific Terschelling – Grade 6 on an island adventure

The grade 6 students will be exploring Terschelling, one of the West-Frisian islands to the north of the Netherlands. They will – hopefully – encounter some seals, enjoy a bonfire, play some beach sports and learn all about the special ecosystem of the “Waddenzee”. If they are not too tired, the students might write the odd blog post, to share their adventures. In the meantime we will provide you with a picture report.

Day 1 – Ferry ride and GPS tour

Written by the students

Monday morning! Our hearts were pumping out of our chests! We were so excited! When we arrived everyone was ready to go. We had to wait a bit until the  bus came, though. When it arrived, we all loaded our suitcases and got in the bus.

On the boat we had our first activity. We had to choose 2 learner profiles to focus on this week. When we were done we had a great time on the top deck of the boat and playing games in the restaurant. It took longer than we thought. As soon as we arrived at Terschelling, we went to the bike shop and rented our bikes, most of them were bigger or smaller. After everyone got their bikes we arrived at Stay Okay Hostel.

GPS Tour

After we got our rooms, we made our bed. After this we started our first activity the GPS bike tour. The GPS bicycle which was very interesting. In this challenge we had to use a GPS to find different points and landmarks that are important on Terschelling. Every time you reached a point you got one point or three, or you could even get five! But the more points the further the point is for example one of the five points landmark was 25km away! That was the GPS bike tour.


After a BBQ at the hostel we cycled to the fire on the beach which was super fun! We had the best fire ever. First, we cycled to the beach while most of us had a race and we probably didn’t be in one line so the teachers were kind of mad. Somehow, we reached the beach. We then had a certain distance to walk to the fire and we were feeling hotter and hotter as we went towards it (Exaggeration!). We drank some juice (for free) and then we melted marshmallows (yummy) using the fire. It was super fun! Lastly, we kind of had a scavenger hunt to find the way back to the hostel. It was Pitch black so we had to use our lights to go through the forest.

Day 2  – Nature excursion on the wad and beach clean

Written by the students

Today in the morning, we woke up and a lot of people were late to our first breakfast. Then we ate our breakfast, which was bread, yogurt, and cereal. After we were done our breakfast, we made and packed our lunch.


Then we went to the beach and learned about sand worms and the Terschelling ecosystem. We were separated into two groups. We learned about the sand worms by walking around in the sand that would normally be covered, but the tide was low. We learned about how the moon effects the tide. We walked all the way until the wall that stops floods. To get there we were covered in mud, some of us got stuck there and couldn’t move, the mud was really deep when you stepped on them. Many students fell over – it was soo funny!

I heart Terschelling

Then we came back, rested a bit, got cleaned up and picked up our bikes to go to a beach. We also had to complete a fun art project where using our creativeness we had to  produce an “I heart Terschelling” picture. We did a beach clean-up project for Service as Action, collecting many interesting things and rubbish along the way. After two hours we came back and it was amazing to see how many bag of rubbish we filled. Students then had free time to either play volleyball, write the blog or chill in the common room. Tonight will be dinner and a swimming pool party …. More to follow tomorrow.

Day 3 – Flying kites and beach volleyball

Written by the students

Last night in the swimming pool, it was so dark that you could not see your own toes. The lights flashed over our heads with loud pop music. Jana said, “I wish that I could do it again,” which most people agreed to. The slide was the funniest thing at the swimming pool, since everyone had a blast sliding down. The bubbles of the hot tub attracted most of the girls.

Power Kiting

Today in the morning, we ate our breakfast and after about 25 minutes we got our bikes to go to the beach early. When we got to the beach we were divided into our classes (6M and 6Y);  6M then played volleyball and 6Y started power kiting. Some people while power kiting slid away because of how hard and strong it is to handle with the strong winds;  a couple people were off the ground and 5 or 6 people had to hold onto the person so they didn’t fall or fly away. In volleyball, if the person didn’t catch the ball their team would lose a point. In 6Y it was 0-11, but then the girls team had a comeback and won.

After lunch, we headed to a lake and took part in archery and raft building. During archery, we were split up into a few groups and stood behind cones. The cones had three arrows in it. In front of us was a board  for us to shoot the arrows on. We took turns with our partner.

Building a raft

We also had to make a raft from four barrels, rope and logs. There was an instructor who helped us tie the ropes tight enough so that the boat doesn’t break. Though it broke in the places that the students tied it in and it hardly got loose where the instructor tied the ropes. Most of the groups boats broke but also some didn’t break. Most of the people who rode the boat fell in the water, even though their boats didn’t break. In the end we helped pick up the logs, barrels and ropes to the truck then we went back to the hostel, where we had a lovely dinner and then a run around in the dunes.