Exploration of the voice, body, mind and imagination
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Exploration of the voice, body, mind and imagination

Drama lessons in Kindergarden has been an exciting journey jammed packed with theatre related activities to encourage exploration of the voice, body, mind and imagination in relation with theatre and performance.

By Stephanie Badenhorst, primary drama teacher

KG Yellow and KG Orange found out how our bodies can react in different ways when given a certain musical impulse. They learned that they can make hard and soft, slow and fast and flowing and jagged movements depending on the rhythm and quality of the music.

They also learned about loud and quiet voices with a range of animals as visual inspiration. They all agreed that a butterfly has a real quiet voice as well as a mouse and a little bird. They unanimously and vocally! agreed that animals like tigers, gorillas, bears and lions have very loud voices.

The highlight was most probably the role play activities where the prospective performers found out how a certain costume piece can lead to vocal and physical characterisation. The fireman’s hat was definitely the most popular!

Their last drama lesson fell on the day of the easter egg hunt at school! Despite of the well expected excitement, the little ones all participated in their last drama lesson filled with poetry related to their unit of Houses and Homes with a lot of enthusiasm and vigor.

I will surely miss them. Until next time KG!