Exciting England – Grade 9 exploring Oxford
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Exciting England – Grade 9 exploring Oxford

Gallivanting around Oxford, ‘getting to know’ Shakespeare, staring at Stonehenge, eating some fish and chips; the grade 9’s will get back to school next week with lots and lots of new experiences! Throughout the week we will regularly post pictures of the students’ experiences. On top of that: the accompanying teachers, Erick Aufderheyde, Oliva Ayes and Julia Reid will provide you with the “Quote of the Day”.

Day 1 – Stonehenge and Oxford

Quotes of the Day

“Stonehenge is so old, it makes even Stephen Hawking look young” – Aidan

“Stonehenge? It rocks” – Ella

“I am well rested, well fed and ready for the day” – Julia

Day 2  – Oxford & Shakespeare

Quotes of the Day

“Knowledge is important to achieve your highest potential. It’s cliche but true.” (Adrian)

“The landscape of Oxford is majestic, along with the River Thames.” (Archie)

“The hunt is better than you might think.” (Daniel about the treasure trail)

Day 3 – The Royal Shakespeare Company and Shakespeare’s Schoolroom in Stratford

Day 4 – Treetop Trail

Quote of the Day

On looking at the sign on the last picture: “Is there wifi here?” (Michelle)