ISU on Stage: Winter Concert
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ISU on Stage: Winter Concert

Just before the Spring Break we saw the second edition of ISU on Stage: Winter Concert. It was a lovely evening with performances from the Guitar Club, Keyboard Class, Flute Class, Primary Choir and Secondary Vocal Group. Secondary student Khang (8M) accompanied various performances on the piano.

By Ingrid Schmoutziguer, Communications

On entering the main building Thursday evening 22 February, the first thing that struck me was the sheer number of musicians we now have in our midst. I was greeted by excited students dressed in their finaries holding guitars, flutes, microphones and music folders. Parents and staff, equally excited, were occupying every last free space both upstairs and downstairs, waving at the 50 (!) Guitar Club members, who were already seated, ready to play.

At 19:00 sharp the primary choir, directe by primary music teacher Jennifer Diepman started the concert with their rendering of our school song “Here we are together”, composed by secondary music teacher David de Geus. They also sang “Somewhere out together” and “Aura Lee”, before finishing off their performance by singing “Can you feel the love tonight”, in which they were accompanied by the Guitar Club.

Pirates of the Carribean

The Guitar Club, lead by Susana Opanski, Caitlin Laws and Ferron Daal, took over and performed “Tango di Mango”, “Pirates of the Carribean”, “The house of the rising sun”, “Rock tune” and – of course – “Spanish dance”. It was a nice mix of songs, performed by the whole guitar club, including the Kindergartners who just started lessons, and songs performed by a group of secondary students who have been playing guitar for a number of years now.

Sweet Child of Mine

The Secondary Vocal Group, lead by David de Geus, truly rocked with their rendering of “Sweet child of mine”, “Attention” and “Top of the world”. It was lovely to hear that the group had worked with Mr De Geus, coming up with their own arrangements and recording their own backing tracks.

The best day of my life

The Flute Class, lead by Elena Vyaznikova performed “Echo”, followed by the Keyboard Class, lead by Susanne van Althuis, who played five songs. It was fun to see and listen to the Finale, “The best day of my life”, when all musicians joined in!