DP Art Exhibition
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DP Art Exhibition

On Friday 16 March at 15:30h we will officially open our very first Diploma Programme Art exhibition in the Pionier, next door to the annex. The DP2 (grade 12) students have been working for almost two years on creating the works for this exhibition.

By Mascha Keersmaekers, secondary Visual Arts

The requirements of the DP Visual Arts’ course are to develop an artistic intention through experimentation with media, techniques and imagery. And secondly through analysis and studies of other artists throughout time and cultures and lastly through communicating this intention with appropriate presentation techniques.

At the start of the course in DP1 (grade 11), the students  each chose an individual theme that inspired them, andthey explored this theme in many ways. The themes range from ‘Metamorphosis’ to ‘How do I transfer the process of composing music to composing visual art?’ and everything in between.

Evidence of the students’ artistic processes can not only be seen in the final selection of studio works presented in
the exhibition, but also in the accompanying curatorial rationales that explain their work in writing. And of course in the  students’ personal process journals in which they recorded their complete journey of the past two years. Trial and error, artists’ block, epiphanies, hard work and enthusiasm have led to the works presented.

The students have not yet received their final grades for the course, so they are curiously, and a bit anxiously inviting people to come and view their work and engage in conversations with them about it all.

As their teacher, I wish them luck but most of all I hope they will be proud of their work and enjoy finally showing it to the world.