Moving countries and schools
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Moving countries and schools

Evan joined the ISUtrecht after the Christmas break. In this article he shares how he felt moving countries and changing schools. ‘I have enjoyed moving into my new school and settled in very well.’

By Evan, student 5B

I have liked the new way of learning, and the styles of learning, in Unit, Dutch and language. I also adore the different schedule set by my new school, which for me, compared to my old school, means a change in the amount of subjects we work on during our school day. This is great because we get more time, so more knowledge knowledge. I find it more exciting!

All the students are being extremely kind, thinking of me, they are also being helpful, including helping me and guiding me around the school.  I have felt very comfortable around everyone, including the teachers.

Trip to NEMO

The first week after my arrival at the ISUtrecht was amazing, because on the Tuesday we took a trip to NEMO (this is an amazing science museum in Amsterdam). Going to the museum was lots of fun and interesting because of the way NEMO was created. You can touch the objects, not just look at them and we even did an experiment to measure the density of two liquids.

On the return trip to Utrecht I had plenty of time to get to know my new classmates. I originally found it upsetting to move from England to the Netherlands, but now I feel much happier because everyone is so kind and welcoming to me.

Science Fair

Currently, we are working towards holding a science fair. Mr Craig assigned us a partner and we are now working on an experiment. Me and my partner are measuring density using five different liquids!

Thanks you for sharing Evan; we wish you and your family a very happy time in the Netherlands and at the ISUtrecht!