Explorer visited 3W
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Explorer visited 3W

For our new unit, we Grade 3’s will be inquiring into the amazing world of Explorers! We were all surprised when an explorer for the 1900’s visited us in class. Sir Ernest Shackleton told us all about his great expedition to the South Pole, where he endured months of being stranded on ice!

By Josephine Zelleke, classroom teacher 3W

His expedition interested and inspired us to ask questions about explorers, such as ‘What did explorers change in the world?’ and ‘what does it take to be an explorer?’. We need to prepare ourselves for this great journey through the age of exploration, as we will be diving into the discovery of different places, of different people as well as the different tools used. We are also preparing ourselves for the various journeys to come, such as the trip to the Scheepvaart Museum in Amsterdam and our
concert at TivoliVredenburg.

Explorers used to keep diaries of their adventures, so for language we are inquiring into recount writing. For maths, we are currently looking at reading time.

Grade 3 are setting off on an amazing journey filled with different explorers and amazing findings – we are ready to