ISUtrecht chess club battled it out
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ISUtrecht chess club battled it out

Chess players from the ISUtrecht chess club participated in a large chess tournament in Leidsche Rijn on Sunday 21 January. They fought some epic battles. With 27 other primary schools taking part and a total of 72 teams, consisting of 300+ students, that’s over 2,016 games played over 7 rounds. What a chess crazy Sunday!

By Jeremy Doyle, ISUtrecht chess club volunteer

The ISUtrecht students were superb in their first ever external competition. Team 1 (Ashmit, Finn, Sushanth, William and Julian), competed in top Group A. They seized 14 out of a possible 28 points. The outstanding chess performance of the day was from Ashmit. He grappled 5 out of 7 wins on Board 1, set against the best player each team can offer.

Team 1 stood at 16th position out of 32. Team 2 (Adam, Roman, Samuel, Diarmuid) and Team 3 (Vera, Damian, Aryan, Mukilan) made it to 5th and 7th in their smaller groups. The playing formats for Group A and B were different and it needed perseverance to give your best till the last round where Team 2 & Team 3 finished the day with 3 clear wins and a draw! A really excellent performance for their very first competitive chess experience.

So well done to all the players. Also thanks to all the parents and volunteers who supported the players and the participation of ISUtrecht in this amazing event.

All results and more photos, please view the website of chess club Magnus