Personal Project 2017 Highlights
Personal Project
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Personal Project 2017 Highlights

The personal project exhibition was a great success. The grade 10 students did an exemplary job at sharing their outcomes and the evening was a fantastic display of hard work and enthusiasm. Some students would like to share their success with the entire school community:

Arnau Colomer-Bondia created a 3D model of the solar system, along with this website. Take a look and find out how large our solar system really is!

Juliette den Hollander’s personal project was on Dreams: A Never-Ending Research. This website will display her research on Dreams: “What dream theories have been formed throughout history and have we expanded our knowledge of dreams so far we have facts on them?”

Sandra Versteeg’s goal was:  ‘To create a successful business that sells soft but sturdy textile beds for pets’. All products you can see in her Facebook group, Sandra created herself.  

Linn Broberg-Jonsson wrote and performed her own song, Dark Side, in a music video. The goal of the song is to comfort people, to make them feel like they belong and that they aren’t alone. The song is lovely, so please enjoy.

The final personal project is by Paula Stal. Paula researched her identity (family tree) to raise awareness about racism. She wanted to show, we are all related and come from common DNA, regardless of race.