Gardening and helping out our neighbours
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Gardening and helping out our neighbours

As part of their science unit “Growing plants, hard work!” grade 7 has been gardening at Boogh, a day center for people with brain damage, which is situated right next door to the ISUtrecht’s secondary campus.

By Geertje van Hal, MYP science & DP chemistry

I supervised the students together with Jeroen van Oord, who is a therapist at Boogh (and a keen gardener!). The students were joined by the clients of the center who were also gardening and were able to give the students some really good tips. The students learned, among other things, that growing your own crops is hard work, that you have to work systematically and weeding never ends.

The picture shows the students (from both grade 7 classes ) after their last gardening session during which they were able to harvest and taste carrots, plums, blackberries and their own tomatoes.