Terrific adventures from Terschelling – Day 1&2
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Terrific adventures from Terschelling – Day 1&2

This week, the grade 6 students are on Terschelling, one of the Dutch Wadden Sea islands, north of the Netherlands. The students will take turns to write a daily blogpost.

Day 1 – GPS Bike Tour and Bonfire

By Ema, Lukas and Isra

It was Monday the 3rd of April and everybody could be seen in front of the ISU primary building. It was so misty you could barely see their oversized suitcases. Except for Maike’s suitcase, which was hard to miss  due to all the sparkles on her green suitcase. It looked like a misty meadow that was covered in water dew.

Mr Moody was very specific the week before that each person had to be at school before 6:15 AM. Not a millisecond later, but guess who was late. It was not the students, not Ms. Marianne, not the bus, but Mr. Moody himself! He was 20 minutes late.


As he arrived we loaded our bags and stepped slowly onto the bus, each person thinking where they were going to sit. The bus trip felt like it lasted forever, but 2 hours later we arrived at the ferry, where we got our first task. We each had to choose two learner profile attributes that we would have to display during the week. Then we got off the ferry and lot more happened.

The first thing we did on Terschelling, we picked up our “mountain bikes” at the “fietsenverhuur” and tested them before going to the hostel. With a 10 minute bike ride we were able to reach the StayOkay safely. We had to immediately eat our lunches because we needed to be on time for the GPS bike tour. An instructor told us how to use the GPS’s and compasses. Eventually we got into our groups and went away to the landmarks assigned in the booklet.

Horror Stories

Most of us managed to go in the right direction and solve the questions. In 2 hours every group, except for 1 group,  got 3 points, which made the three other groups get a tied first place (sad face)! As soon as we reached the hostel again we got changed and got ready for the BBQ.

Outside on the terrace there was a whole stack of meat (vegetarian, halal, and normal). After everybody’s stomachs got stuffed full of meat and fries it was time to go over to the beach. There we set up a camp fire, told horror stories, and ate delicious marshmallows! After 2 hours at the beach it was time to get back. With a spooky, slow, and terrorising way back we survived the day!

Day 2 – Power kite and tug ‘o war

By Ben, Ruben, Eva, Akshara and Halyna

We woke up with the sunlight coming trough the window at 7:30 and we ate breakfast at 8:00. We had the most luxurious cheese and meat, with cereals and yogurts. After breakfast we made our lunches for the day. We then had a nice free time where we had like 30 minutes to pack for the beach. We met at 9:30 in the lobby to go to a very nice beach on Terschelling. Soon we frolicked to the bike stalls, and unlocked our bikes and started biking to the beach. At the beach we met activity company Mooi Weer again and they showed us how to do the power kite’s. We all had a couple of chances to do the power kite. Most of us failed, but we all had a lot of fun doing it. Cyprian, Ruben, and Maike all went face first into the sand being dragged by the powerful winds going into the kites.


After we had playing time in the water and the sand and laying on the warm sand, for a long time. We had a big epic super duper cool amazing tug o’ war. The boy’s now have bragging rights. However the tug of war was not against each other but how far we could pull a Landrover across the sand.

 We met a clean-up crew on the beach in the afternoon and helped them clean up the beach. We collected a lot of different pieces of trash, and some boys found dead birds and crabs. We then took a really cool tractor ride to the bike stands, where we had to start biking back to the Stay okay hostel. We then played volleyball and then the girls won 3-0 in games, but the boys used excuses that they were looking at bugs instead of concentrating on the game. But really we all knew the girls played better.


 The Grade 6’s had a really nice dinner, with soup and meat, rice, salad and wraps. We then had a break for about 1 hour and played games, slept, watched TV, and played outside, We are now getting ready to go to the swimming pool where we have the whole pool to ourselves PRIVATELY. We are looking forward to seeing what it has to offer. After the swimming pool we will head back to the hostel and retreat to our rooms.