Paris Post – Day 1&2
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Paris Post – Day 1&2

The grades 9 and 10 students are exploring Paris this week. They have a very busy schedule with lots and lots of sightseeing and of course lovely dinners. Most nights they won’t be back at their hotel until ten! The students will, however, still try to send us some vlogs. Visual Arts teacher Mascha Keersmaekers will also keep us updated.

Day 1 – Bistro, Eiffel Tower and Selfies

By Mascha Keersmaekers

Our first evening in Paris was great. We had a delicious buffet at an authentic Parisian bistro run by a very sympathetic Breton man. Even the most picky eaters loved it. After that we paid a visit to the Palais de Tokyo, a cutting edge contemporary art museum. There I had an art teacher’s dream of a museum visit: we got to see artist Abraham Poincheval doing one of his performances!

This is the guy who has been all over the media because he let himself be locked inside a rock for a week just three weeks ago. Before that he lived inside a bear and sat on a tiny 5 meter tall platform in front of a train station for two weeks. This time he sat in the museum inside a glass box hatching out chicken eggs…. You could wonder why and whether he’s crazy or wasting his time, but isn’t that exactly the point of art? To make us question our own views?

You should have heard the students’ reactions! It sure made them wonder. I loved it! It felt like meeting a pop star to me! To round off the day we did something more light hearted: A stroll past de Eiffel tower and an opportunity for countless selfies was just the right counter balance after the museum. Bonne nuit, Paris!


By students Jairo and Gabrielle


Day 2 – Boat tour under the city of Paris