Diploma Programme Experience Week
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Diploma Programme Experience Week

On the week of April 3rd the DP class attended a DP experience week, during which we conducted a large scale science focused project, visited various universities and explored historical and current events. This week was geared towards completing DP core tasks, as well as exhibiting some future options.

By Jonathan Veprin, student grade 11

During the course of the International Baccalaureate Diploma Programme all students complete a class task known as the group 4 project. The group 4 project is a large scale task done by DP students in year one or year two, during which the whole class is tasked to design an inquiry into a scientific subject, while relating that inquiry with all three scientific disciplines. The class must then work together in subject specific groups, independent from teachers to fulfil their tasks, collect data, and formulate an answer to the inquiry.


For the group 4 project our class visited the Rattekaai, in the Oosterschelde near Yerseke, Zeeland. There we collected data on the biodiversity (Biology), salinity, oxygen, and pH levels (Chemistry), and Flow rate (Physics) during high and low tide, and gained some practical learning experience. While we waited for low tide we visited NIOZ, the royal Netherlands institute for sea research. Here we learned about many natural processes such as the biodiversity of the Rattekaai and the special sediment composition present at the Oosterschelde.

The next couple of days back at school were dedicated towards processing, presenting, and reflecting on our project. We even worked as a group to create a large presentation which we later presented online to a group of MYP students at an IB school in Tirol. An interesting experience for both groups of students.

University Visits

After the project we went to Den Haag to visit Leiden University college in Den Haag, where we learned about the University college system and received some first-hand information about student life. After that we stayed the night in Den Haag, and discovered the city. We visited the Humanity house, where we learned and experienced the life of a refugee and even got a presentation from a real Syrian refugee, truly an enlightening experience. We were even given a few Creativity, Activity and Service opportunities

The next day we got the choice to visit one of two major universities for a guided tour: Leiden University, and Technical University Delft. Throughout these tours we got a look at the campus, the curriculum, and the universities’ most famous features. I personally visited Delft, where we discovered the huge campus from a student’s perspective. I found that the tour really struck my passion and made me wish to visit such an institution in the future.

Bright Future

In conclusion our DP experience week was a fantastic opportunity to see what the future holds and how we can achieve a bright future for ourselves. The group 4 project gave me practical experience of what a future study might entail, while the university trip taught me how those years would be like while I study. Overall the week really gave me a good idea of what I want to do after my DP years.