Amazing stories from the Ardennes – Day 1&2
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Amazing stories from the Ardennes – Day 1&2

Grades 7 and 8 traveled to the Ardennes, an exciting part of Belgium, for a week filled to the brim with outdoor adventures. This is what the students had to say about it:

Day 1 – Outdoor games

Today was amazing! We started with an exciting bus ride. When we got there, we did some fun activities! From climbing a rope across the river to making a fire. The best part was at the end when everyone fell in the water. Dinner was pasta and salad. Before dessert we went outside and played sports. Now, we are going to the middle of nowhere, trying to get back to camp. So far Belgium is a great new experience!!!

– Maju and Abby

Grades 7 & 8 started with a fun bus ride, where all of us students could socialize, and enjoy the Dutch-Belgian countryside. Though we couldn’t eat on the vehicle (to keep clean), we received a 45-minute pit stop to eat lunch. When we (finally) arrived, we got to meet the helpful and enthusiastic camp staff, who walked us through an exciting amount of activities.

Some examples were making a fire, and scaling a rope (across a small, but chilly pond). After this, we got to enjoy some free time before attending dinner, which was a simple but delicious pasta with salad and juice. Now we’re being “dropped” a few kilometers from camp to find our way back. Overall, this has been quite enjoyable, and hope that it stays as eventful as the first day.

– Olivia

This evening after dinner we got in some vans and were taken out into the fields to be ‘dropped’. This is when you get driven away from your base, and left to make your own way back. We were given a map and compass, and some orange vests for the people at the front and back of the group. Our guide also gave us some advice such as, ‘if you are lost- go downhill, and follow water downstream’ and, ‘go left’. The walk is supposed to take 1 and ½ hours. The G7 girls went first, and managed to finish it in under the supposed time. It was lovely to see the darkening sky on our walk, and we eventually had to use our torches!

-Franciska and Sophie

Day 2 – Laser tag and mountain biking

By Jasper H. and Jayden, students

Today was amazing. We did archery, rafting, mountain biking and laser gaming. For mountain biking we followed an amazing trail full of lots of challenging but fun bumps and hills.

In archery we used compound bows to shoot at the target. To make it more interesting the instructor put us in to two teams, boys vs girls, and then we did a shooting competition.  There were two balloons on each target each worth 10 extra points. Unfortunately for Mr. Lamme and the boys, the girls won.

The laser gaming was indoor; the matches were long enough so that we had enough time to have the most fun. We did two different game modes, team death match and free for all (aka the hunger games).

When we did the rafting most of the people found it fun, the current wasn’t as strong as normal therefore it was not as fun as it possibly could have been.

At the end of the day we decided to make two small campfires. One went really well without difficulties. The second was going great until one boy decided to make the fire bigger but ended up extinguishing it. But we built it again.