ISU On Stage – First school concert!
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ISU On Stage – First school concert!

‘Music was my first love and it will be my last’ is one of these slightly worn down songs that I heard it once too often. However, it says it all and you will know in a second why.

By Alexandra Buijtendijk, school parent

My daughters and I went to the school concert, ISU on Stage, just before the spring break. Not as performers, but as visitors. We wanted to show everyone who was helping to make this happen my support, enjoy some music and simply be fans. And boy were we impressed!

The aula was filled with excitement; the pride with which everyone went on stage and the free spirit up there almost tangible. I was close to tears half the time.

Level playing field

Children, who just started playing an instrument, were supported just as enthusiastically by the audience as the ones that had been practicing for months. This created a level playing field where really everyone could flourish.  Some kids went totally rock ‘n roll during their song, others were holding hands while performing. Some kids sang solos, but some were shy and in the background, but that didn’t matter: they were there! Singing, playing guitar, or keyboards. In front of  all of us.


What blew me away was the secondary a cappella choir. The way they sang, what they sang, how professional they sounded. Wow!


But you know what really made my heart skip a beat? Seeing music teacher Mr de Geus feeling nervous and proud at the same time. He was so into the moment and it was great to see his efforts paying off. It was totally priceless too to watch all the parents being overwhelmed with pride while they watched their children perform. I wish I could have shown the children on stage how much they were idolized. By all of us!

Here’s to music – and to music as a crucial part of our school’s identity!

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