Happy Diwali and Halloween
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Happy Diwali and Halloween

Monday 31st of October was a very special day at ISUtrecht. Not only did we celebrate (the end of) Diwali, we also had lots of Halloween fun.

By Ingrid Schmoutziguer, communications officer

The secondary students could participate in various fun activities during their (extended!) lunch break, all organised by the student council. They could mummify each other with toilet paper, guess the amount of Halloween sweets for a prize, and participate in a dressing up contest.

Here are the winners:halloween_secondary

Isra (right) was the scariest students to walk the halls, Antonio (middle) was the most creative when assembling his costume and Jairo (left) was found to be best dressed overall. The competition was judged by the secondary staff.

Party frock

The primary campus was buzzing with excitement from the moment the mass of cobweb covered, blood spattered and sparkling children walked in. As this year Halloween coincided with Diwali, we celebrated both. Students could get dressed up for whichever of these occasions they like best, meaning some went for a skeleton suit,  whilst others donned their special Diwali party frock.

In the afternoon every primary grade had a celebration with music & either Diwali crafts or Halloween makes. Thanks parents for organising and helping out with these special celebrations!

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