Music Programme

Since the start of the 2016-2017 academic year the ISUtrecht is building a cohesive music programme for all students from KG up to grade 10. It is our aim to provide our IB Diploma Programme students with the option to choose music as an exam subject from August 2018.

We believe music is an art form in which many different skills, the learner profile attributes and creativity come together. At ISUtrecht we are creating an environment where music is always present and where children will be educated to become skillful musicians, whilst at the same time being encouraged to use music as a creative outlet.

At our secondary campus we now have a dedicated music room, as well as a practice studio. The studio is in high demand, as students are constantly practicing, or recording music. The studio is also being used for one-on-one guitar and keyboards lessons. In the primary building the music programme is mostly taught inside the classrooms.

Music in the Primary Years Programme

In the IB Primary Years Programme (PYP) we focus on getting the students to feel comfortable when making music. At the same time we are trying to deepen their understanding of music through both project-based and structural music lessons. The PYP students are being taught by music teacher Jennifer Diepman.  Her experience with early childhood music and her hands-on approach are a perfect fit with the PYP educational philosophy. Ms Diepman also leads the primary choir and will start the ISUtrecht orchestra in January 2018.

Music in the Middle Years Programme

In the IB Middle Years Programme (MYP) the students get to make and experience music during a host of dynamic projects, such as songwriting and recording pop songs, learning about the economics of the music industry, experiencing the polyphonic music of J.S. Bach, or playing songs from the sixties for the elderly people in a care center close to the school. This is all part of a thorough music programme that eventually will give secondary students the option to choose music as a DP subject. Responsible for the secondary music lessons is music teacher and choir master David de Geus. Mr de Geus also leads the secondary a cappella vocal group

ISUtrecht Music Academy

For some children, music is an essential and predominant part of their life. For these students, highly gifted and interested, we are creating a parallel track with additional hours of music in the curriculum, differentiated to their level, leading to a Diploma Programme music course at high level. We also offer private lessons and instruction on several instruments. These lessons can take place during the school day when students are available, or in the afternoon, when lessons have finished.

Young Composers Project

Working closely in a partnership with the famous concert hall and music centre TivoliVredenburg we developed a 2 month music project for grades 2-4. The Young Composers Project takes place in the period of March until May and is the result of a collaboration that we will maintain in the coming years.

After school music lessons

We currently have several music teachers, providing private or group instrument lessons after school for primary and secondary students. It is currently possible to have guitar, keyboards, viola/violin and flute lessons. Over the coming years this programme will be extended to include more instruments.