Tycho's Eye PhotographyISUtrecht is based in the Transwijk area, west of Utrecht city centre. The main building is located at the Van Bijnkershoeklaan 8 and the secondary campus, a few doors down, at the Grebbeberglaan 25.

Building plans July-December 2017

During these months a new wing will be built next to the gym hall at the back of the primary campus. We are very happy to welcome a part of secondary back to the main building. Music and design will move into this new wing and it will house a senior student lounge where our exam students will have a comfortable and quiet place of their own, whilst creating more space for the younger secondary students in the secondary building.

In addition, the current main corridor of classrooms will be extended to add twelve more classrooms (double storey). The ground floor will allow for access towards the early years’ play area, and the first floor will be connected to the new wing.

Over the summer we will improve both our early years and our primary years playground. The sand pit will be moved towards the back of the playground, where traffic markings will be added for the younger students. Our older primary students will have access to a small football cage as well as a new climbing frame. On the southern side of the building, all kindergarten classrooms will have external doors installed, which will open into our own vegetable and flower plots. We will also be improving the secondary facilities at the Grebbeberglaan to include a further science lab, which will be completed during the summer break.


Permanent campus

ISUtrecht is in the process of securing a long-term permanent location in the city of Utrecht. As the school falls under state provision in the Netherlands, it is the municipality that is responsible for the provision of the school’s accommodation. The municipality, the ISUtrecht and Utrecht University are currently looking into the possibility of building a new school campus to house 1200 students at the Cambridgelaan at the Utrecht Science Park (Uithof). All parties have signed a declaration of intent to show their commitment to this project.

At the moment a small committee investigates issues like property ownership and use, financial agreements as well as architectural visions.  The school has just completed an extensive programme of requirements for the new building, which is used during the meetings with the University and Municipality.

At present, it looks like we will be able to start building the permanent location towards the end of 2020, which makes our temporary expansion even more important.  This process takes a long time and is ongoing.  We will update you as soon as we have more news.

How to reach the ISUtrecht

Both the location at the Van Bijnkershoeklaan and Grebbeberglaan are easily reached by car and you will be able to find free on street parking in the vicinity of the school. From Utrecht Central Station the school can be  reached either by bus or by tram. (To plan your trip using public transport you can use the ov planner.