Leadership Team & Support Staff

The ISUtrecht leadership team consists of the head of school and the leaders of the three programmes (Primary Years Programme, Middle Years Programme and Diploma Programme). The support staff members are also listed here.

Leadership teamĀ 

  • Rynette de Villiers – Head of School
  • Kate Corder – Deputy Head of School and Admissions
  • Eryn Wiseman – Leader of Primary Years
  • Josie Galemmo – Leader of Middle Years
  • Katrina Brown – Leader of Diploma Years

Support Staff

  • Lois Levett – Office Manager
  • Louis de Bruijne – Concierge
  • Alexander Visotski – Concierge
  • Angela Benjafield – Admissions
  • Sylvia van Nisius – Finance Officer
  • Ingrid Schmoutziguer – Communications Officer
  • Ana Yao – Media Resources Coordinator