Eryn Wiseman

Leader of Primary Years, ELA, Genius Hour Coordinator

Eryn Wiseman is American and grew up moving around the United States fir... Read more

Elvira Oskam

Early Years Coordinator, Classroom Teacher KG Orange

Elvira Oskam is Dutch and a qualified and experienced teacher with a spe... Read more

Panagiota Fameli

Classroom Teacher KG Green

Panagiota Fameli grew up in Athens, Greece, where she completed her Bach... Read more

Sridevi Brahmadathan

Classroom Teacher KG Green, Primary Teaching Assistant

Sridevi Brahmadathan was born and brought up in India. After completing... Read more

Oana Dobarcianu

Classroom Teacher KG White

Oana Dobarcianu  is Romanian. She is an experienced teacher, who has be... Read more

Carren Ward

Classroom Teacher KG Red, KG White, PYP Teaching Coach

For the past 15 years Carren Ward has been living happily in the Netherl... Read more

Raakhee Ramaija

Classroom Teacher Grade1B

Raakhee Ramaija grew up in Leicester in England and comes from a Hindu (... Read more

Anne Brandwagt

Classroom teacher 1W

Anne Brandwagt was born and raised in the Netherlands, were she complete... Read more

Lindsey Dudgeon

Classroom Teacher 2B

Lindsey Dudgeon was born in South Africa and has lived there all her lif... Read more

Idalet de Haan

Classroom Teacher 3B

Idalet de Haan moved to the Netherlands with her husband and joined the ... Read more

Bree Williams

Classroom Teacher 4B

Bree Williams was born and raised in the United States of America, where... Read more

Craig Gouk

Classroom Teacher 5B, Primary ICT Support

Craig Gouk was born and raised in Canada but has travelled and worked al... Read more

Wychman Dijkstra

Primary Teaching Assistant

Wychman Dijkstra was born 3 metres below sea level in a Dutch town calle... Read more

Nicole Boerma

Dutch Language and Literature, Student Support coordinator

Nicole Boerma has been teaching in Dutch primary schools since 2001. She... Read more

David de Geus

Music, ArtBurst Organisation

David de Geus is a music educator, pianist and a choir director. After ... Read more

Annabel Kjar

PYP Visual Arts, MYP Design, Student Council Support, Secondary Social Events Organisation

Annabel Kjar is from Australia. She is a creative person with the abilit... Read more

Jeroen Lamme

Physical Health Education (PHE)

Jeroen Lamme was born and raised in the Netherlands, in Hilversum. After... Read more

Marianne Lauritzen

ICT Coordinator, Technical Teaching Assistant

Marianne Lauritzen is from Norway, and she recently moved to the Netherl... Read more

Liam Moody

Physical Health Education, New Teacher Coordinator, Service as Action Coordinator, CAS Coordinator

Liam Moody  is originally from England and grew up in Swindon. After p... Read more

Sara d’Orazio

English, Language Coordinator

Born in London from an English mother and an Italian father, Sara d’Or... Read more

Ana Yao

Media Resources, ATL Coordinator

Ana Yao is a Japanese-Brazilian. After growing up in Brazil she studied ... Read more